Speaking Secrets

Get daily exercises directly to your phone and unleash the best version of yourself.

Speaking Secrets

Espeland Enterprises is excited to introduce Speaking Secrets, a daily text program designed to help you achieve voice mastery and gain executive presence on your own schedule. Receive simple daily exercises right to your phone and get feedback from our amazing coaches. Start your journey today.


  • Get access to our program inspired by the Espeland Method.

  • Gain confidence and master your voice on your own time.

  • Be held accountable with daily exercises so that you get results quickly. 

  • Bonus: Get personalized feedback from our coaches each week.


Learn, practice, and master the vocal core competencies you'll draw on for the rest of your life. Exercises cover:

  • Meditation

  • Affirmation

  • Thought Models

  • Physical warmup

  • Vocal warmup

  • Melody of Gratitude

  • Breathing 

... and countless other tools to perfect your voice


Once you enroll in the program, you will receive regular texts, directing you to daily exercises as well as frequent opportunities to receive personalized video feedback.

Speaking Secrets - The Steps

Step 1: Fire Up 
6 Weeks 

Our signature six-week program is designed to detox your voice from poor habits and to move toward skills and thought patterns that serve you well.  Through the 3 levers of physical, mental, and emotional exercises, you’ll learn through our Espeland Method how to level up your literal and figurative voice. 

You’ll receive daily exercises and texts from Melanie that will hold you accountable and get results!   Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback once per week.

Price per day: $4.10
Total Cost: $172


Step 2: Keep At It
4 Weeks 

After your successful completion of Fire Up, you’ll have the option to move on to our weekly program, designed to continue the accountability that’s made you successful. 

You’ll receive weekly texts directing you to your daily exercises that continue to hold you accountable to practicing.  Plus, you’ll keep your weekly personalized feedback. 

Price per day: $2.79
Total Cost: $78


Step 3: Cruise Control Maintenance

4 Weeks

Complete your journey on our Maintenance Program. Once you have achieved your goal and mastered the skills, tools, and knowledge to maintain, this step in the program is designed to solidify your commitment to communication. With simple check-ins, and monitoring, it’s just the right touch of accountability you need until you are ready to graduate.

You’ll receive texts weekly that continue to hold you to your new habits.  Plus, you’ll receive monthly personalized feedback. 


Price per day: $1.36
Total Cost: $38

Our courses come with a satisfaction guarantee - that’s how much Melanie believes in her courses and your capability.

Note: This program requires a U.S. or Canada mobile phone number. See Mobile Terms and Conditions for more information.

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Fire Up!

6 weeks

42 Daily exercises


Keep At It

4 weeks

28 Daily exercises



Fire Up

Cruise Control

4 weeks

28 daily exercises



Keep At It

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I highly recommend Melanie as an executive presence coach. I have worked with her for several months and she has been fantastic, helping me navigate Covid-time Zoom presence, presentation skills and video preparation/presence. I also tapped her to to be a webinar monitor for a Home Office webinar that I developed. She was a superstar!

Bob B.

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