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I highly recommend Melanie as an executive presence coach. I have worked with her for several months and she has been fantastic, helping me navigate Covid-time Zoom presence, presentation skills and video preparation/presence. I also tapped her to to be a webinar monitor for a Home Office webinar that I developed. She was a superstar!

- Bob B.


Melanie helped me identify aspects in my speech and communication that could be improved to be more impactful. I was not sure how effective it would be to do an executive voice coaching session over Zoom, but I have to say it met and even exceeded my expectations. From minor enunciation tweaks, to warm-up vocal exercises, to role playing various types of communication styles, Melanie's methods helped guide me on what and how to improve. She is a great coach and I'd strongly recommend working with her to develop your executive presence!

- Nitin T.


Melanie works on/with the voice figuratively and literally. This can have a therapy like effect. Her tone of voice is so pleasant. Her level of professionalism is top notch! I’m extremely pleased with my choice to purchase my package of sessions. Overall, I’d say, I’ve gained awareness (the first step to making any adjustments) in regards to my literal and figurative voice working with my girl Melanie.

- Shana P.


My first session with Melanie was really great.  She took the time to understand my goals (asking some great questions), all the while listening to my speech, diction and vocal patterns, and probably more importantly, getting me relaxed and comfortable so that I could speak in a natural, normal way.  I wanted to make sure that any guidance she would provide at the end was based on real and meaningful ‘talking’, for lack of a better phrase.  She provided constructive feedback and specific recommendations on how to bring my voice and presence to the next level.

- Margot “Taffy” H.


I worked with Melanie one-on-one for interview preparation.  She tailored her approach specifically to my needs, and was a thoughtful listener.  She picked up on my inner monologue quickly and gave actionable insights to improve my voice, executive presence, and interviewing skills within the first session.

- Saira N.


Melanie was very friendly and professional. Her coaching met my needs, my expectations and the budget I had. Her expertise and the feedback she has been giving me are useful for a lifetime. I definitely recommend her services. Thank you Melanie!

- Renaud F.


Melanie is an amazing voice coach that I truly recommend. She customizes the training sessions according to your needs. These sessions are very efficient and I was able to improve very fast.  Melanie is a great person to work with!

- Lorenzo S.


Melanie was amazing!  I have always been terribly shy, which was negatively affecting my boss' perception in senior level meetings.  I was uncomfortable speaking up in front of C level executives.  After working with Melanie, I have a new found sense of self and confidence to speak to almost anyone.

- Katherine W.


Melanie is a great mentor and coach. She has helped me considerably with executive coaching and confidence building. Some of her feedback and tips are immensely useful on a daily basis.

- Alex J.


Deanna was a very engaging teacher who made all of the content interesting and memorable. She has a very positive and body/mind mentality which really helped me see beyond voice and how I hold myself. She was also patient and reinforcing of the way I was framing a situation or trying to understand it in a slightly different way.

- Joss W.


Deanna was amazing. Clear, engaging, responsive and gave me a deeper understanding of how the body and voice can work together to achieve gravitas. Thanks Deanna!

- Tressa D.


Melanie and her team are proficient in the art of voice coaching. I had both a 1:1 and a Group session and they both met my expectations. Best part is they will give you tools, tips and techniques to take with you as this is not a one and done thing. You get what you put in and you have to keep using these techniques to get better and make it part of your habit over time. I highly recommend her services !!

- Vinny S.


I started working with Espeland Enterprises in 2020 to improve my professional presence.  The development was tailored to my specific goals and challenges with actionable tools.  I have noticed a difference in my overall presence and ability to adapt communication styles based on setting.  Valuable for leaders at any level who want to take action to get to the next level.

- Katie N.


I took this course to improve my presence, vocal quality for virtual coaching sessions. This course was exactly what I needed to unlock the secrets of using my voice effectively as well as showing up prepared and confident. The instructors worked with us individually and gave constructive feedback. The class sessions were effective, fun and full of warmth and support.

- Tiffany L.


Melanie is a consummate professional- an expert at many disciplines. Her effective communication coaching  transcends mere "voice" training and has made a huge impact in not only our business results, but in the personal side of life as well. We have high standards of who we work with and Melanie has the business sophistication and teaching skills to help generate immediate results.

- Scott S.


5 Stars.

- Arunima K.


5 Stars.

- Anthony D.


Melanie is an excellent coach with all kinds of practical voice exercises. She also understands the psychology of public speaking and shares her tools. Her highly effective strategies help her clients understand the many forking paths of career choices so they can make the right choices for future directions. I highly recommend her.

- DJ L.


Melanie has worked with LUELLE from the beginning as one of our most important advisors. Melanie's role has been imperative to the growth and success of our business, especially the building of our financial deck, a crucial blueprint for the financial health of our business.  As creatives, finances are not our forte and Melanie has taken the time to thoroughly put together and explain it to us clearly so we fully understand. As for most entrepreneurs, meetings with investors are stressful but imperative to the growth and success of your company and without Melanie's guidance and preparation for these meetings we would be lost. Melanie always goes above and beyond to make sure we are comfortable with all business solutions. Without her guidance we would be lost.

- Luelle


We are the Founders of Vogue-backed skincare company 4AM Skin, and worked with Espeland Enterprises to build our fundraising pitch deck and accompanying financial model. 

We're a founding team made of an Instagram influencer with +100K followers and financial analyst turned marketing expert.  Even with our robust backgrounds, Melanie brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.  She worked with us to deeply understand our brand ethos and needs, aligning her work product to match our brand identity.  We were thrilled with the outcome and re-hired Melanie for a second engagement focused on fundraising strategy and execution. 


Melanie's professionalism, flexibility, and deep knowledge of startups, fashion, and beauty make her and Espeland Enterprises stand out from the pack.  

- Sabrina S. and Jade B.