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Our Founder Melanie Espeland’s Fortune 500, performance, acting, and media training makes her the perfect fit for your next speaking engagement.  Melanie’s experience as an entrepreneur, actor, and corporate leader, along with her powerful stage, screen, and in-person presence, make her a compelling choice for your next corporate event or industry conference. 
A natural performer and extrovert, Melanie is certain to engage your unique audience and provide them with valuable takeaways.
Whether it’s leadership, voice, coaching, public speaking skills, executive presence, entrepreneurship, or the corporate-to-startup transition.  A full list of topics Melanie is available to speak upon is below.  She can customize her materials to your specific program or audience’s needs.

  • Executive Coaching 

  • Voice Coaching / Speaking Coaching 

  • Public Speaking Coaching

  • Executive Presence and Gravitas 

  • Pitching and Selling

  • Melody and Improving Monotone

  • Negotiation and Persuasion

  • Interview Excellence

  • Women in the Workplace

  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Corporate to Startup Transition

  • Females in the C-Suite 

Melanie has spoken at prestigious institutions globally including Ivy League universities, radio shows, and highly rated podcasts.  
To hear Melanie’s vocal range, you can click here for her voiceover reel. 
About Melanie 
Espeland Enterprises Founder and CEO Melanie Espeland is a voice actor, a Columbia Business School MBA graduate, and the creator of our groundbreaking Espeland Method™ of voice coaching. Learn more about Melanie's background here.
To craft a customized presentation, workshop, or appearance with Melanie, please contact us at hello@espelandenterprises.com.



Why bring in a guest speaker?

Companies that invest in leadership development have outperformed others by 1,500% over the last 60 years.

(Corporate Executive Board)

The success of any company depends on having motivated and effective employees, but even the best workforce needs training and a fresh perspective to keep innovating, and that’s where guest speakers can provide invaluable assistance.

Companies work hard to innovate and grow their revenue in an increasingly competitive global economy, investing in market research and developing new services, racing to outperform competitors with better and cheaper products. But focusing on external threats can lead some managers to overlook internal problems such as employee engagement, communication and growth. 60-70% of employees across the world are not engaged, which results in $450 billion in productivity losses  for U.S. companies alone.*

The solution isn’t a pay raise. Businesses should provide employees with new perspectives, exciting ideas, and inspirational role models that will energize teams and inspire them to excel in their work. A highly effective way to achieve this is by engaging a guest speaker.

The 5 Benefits of Hiring an Expert for Speaking Engagements


  1. Speakers offer a fresh perspective: Managers turn to guest speakers who motivate employees to come up with ideas on how to, for instance, develop new products or provide better customer care. Innovative approaches to existing problems will break set routines and help teams love what they do.

  2. Guest speakers create a shared experience : As everyone learns and practices their new skills, their shared experience will boost morale and prompt team building. They will support each other’s continued practice and pursuit of excellence. Managers can leverage speakers to promote this new level of communication and cohesive collaboration.

  3. Investing in Employees Leads to Higher Revenue: Another benefit of hiring experts to speak to the team is that it shows employees that the company is willing to invest in their professional development. After all, skills and knowledge are the most valuable asset professionals have, and additional education is always welcome.

  4. Speaking engagements offer training opportunities which help retain employeesCreating effective workshops and learning labs can show that a business is willing to invest in its employees. Engaged employees are more likely to stick with a company instead of leaving for competitors. This helps managers improve talent retention and execute long-term projects.

  5. Speakers improve employee morale: The goal is to motivate every team member to give their best and that’s where electrifying and motivational guest speakers come in. The right speaker can show workers how to grow their business and move forward in competitive, uncertain times.

To craft a customized presentation, workshop, or appearance  with

Melanie, please contact us at hello@espelandenterprises.com.