Affirmations and Positivity at the Forefront

Updated: May 3

Successful people, from top salespeople to entrepreneurs to Olympic athletes, have learned the importance of controlling their minds.

Negative thoughts and images are destructive and they need to be replaced by continually flooding your subconscious with thoughts and images of the new reality you wish to create. Affirmations are simply statements that describe a goal in its already completed state.

I like to advise my clients to use affirmations. Consciously expressing gratitude and acknowledging one's strengths can be a powerful tool and the effects undoubtedly improve professional interactions. Affirmations enable us to continue to train our brains; train that internal conversation and be more authentic and more present in the moment when speaking to someone.

To begin using affirmations, start with the powerful words “I am” and always:

- Use the present tense.

- State it in the positive. Affirm what you want, not what you don’t want.

- Keep it brief.

- Make it specific.

- Include an action word ending with –ing.

- Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word.

- Make affirmations for yourself, not others.

You can use the following simple formula: “I am so happy and grateful that I am now …” and then fill in the blank.

If you're completely in your head and lost in your thoughts, your thoughts are in control of you. There's no way that your external energy is going to be up to par and you're not going to be engaging or interesting to the audience.

Affirmations are reminders to your unconscious mind to stay focused on your goals and to come up with solutions to challenges and obstacles that might get in the way.

If you're interested in learning more about self improvement for productivity, feel free to Schedule a free 15-minute consultation or check out our 5 Minute Guided Facial Awareness Meditation.

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