Know the Difference: Volume vs. Projection

There's a big difference between volume and projection. Mastering both can significantly improve your business communications.

Volume can be equated with loudness in close proximity and is simply measured by decibels of sound. Projection is that sound's ability to travel greater distances. The better the projection, the more intact and true that sound remains from afar.

Why does this matter in business?

Professionals aspire to exude confidence in communications and often fabricate this confidence by increasing the sheer volume of their speech. Using air from the top of their lungs, high volume speakers can appear insincere and irrational, rather than authoritative and solid on a topic.

In contrast, projection can demonstrate control, confidence, and thoughtfulness. In order to project effectively, speakers use diaphragmatic breathing and solid airflow technique to project voluminous, powerful sound. The resulting sound, resonating and clear, inspires trust in the speaker and confidence in their authority.

Espeland Enterprises offers personalized executive voice coaching to help clients project confidently and communicate more effectively.

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