Executive Voice Coaching Resonates in the Era of Zoom

Updated: Feb 11

No longer able to rely on handshakes and full body language to connect, Zoom-era professionals are seeking new skills, replacing those they relied on in an office setting.

In a pre-Covid world, sharing ideas could be accomplished in passing or in the familiar setting of offices and meeting rooms, where colleagues intuitively spoke in turn and communicated with the confidence afforded by decades of face-to-face interactions.

These routine, comfortable interactions have been replaced with more formal, regimented online meetings where the dynamic often feels awkward and rigid.

Simply participating in a meeting can feel like public speaking or presenting, and Espeland Enterprises is seeing a significant increase in demand for executive voice coaching as professionals address the challenges of remote interactions.

Clients are concerned that in remote meetings they:

  • Lack gravitas, leadership and executive presence

  • Feel anxiety before meetings and when speaking

  • Use filler words, such as “um” and “like”

  • Speak in a stilted, unnatural manner

  • Do not exhibit warmth and authenticity

Utilizing physical, mental, and emotional tools, borrowing from diverse disciplines, from acupuncture to speech therapy to improv, Espeland Enterprises offers solutions to these challenges, customized for each client to build their unique voice, communication skills, and executive presence.

Stay tuned for exercises and tips to overcome common Zoom communication challenges.

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