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Offering custom solutions in Executive Voice Coaching for teams and individuals.

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We discover the literal and figurative voice to improve professional performance and executive presence.


Executive Voice Coaching creates a sustainable and powerful change in your voice. That alone can enhance your executive presence, improve your overall communication skills and help you quickly reach your career goals. 


Our coaches are trained in the Espeland Method™, an interdisciplinary approach that combines our Founder and CEO’s performative training and voice prowess with Columbia Business School MBA education and experience in the corporate business world.

We harness our unique skill sets to help business executives articulate their authentic selves. By incorporating mental, physical, and emotional interdisciplinary tools, our coaches craft your inner dialogue to bring your individual power to the forefront. 

You can literally and figuratively change your voice and the trajectory of your career. 

The Espeland Method™ of coaching has four key components: 

  • Authenticity 

  • Interdisciplinary Levers (Mental, Physical, and Emotional) 

  • Performative Training meets Corporate Strategy 

  • Fun

We customize our coaching roadmaps for each corporation’s needs. 

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People Are Saying.


I highly recommend Melanie as an executive presence coach. I have worked with her for several months and she has been fantastic, helping me navigate Covid-time Zoom presence, presentation skills and video preparation/presence. I also tapped her to to be a webinar monitor for a Home Office webinar that I developed. She was a superstar!

Bob B.

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