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Espeland Enterprises was created by Founder and CEO Melanie Espeland to provide coaching for phenomenal individuals and corporations around the world.  They have worked with iconic brands such as Google and Morgan Stanley, and extraordinary individuals such as Olympians, C-suite leaders, and influencers.  Recently, Espeland Enterprises was featured in Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, and more.


Within Espeland Enterprises’ first service, Executive Presence & Voice Coaching, Melanie created  The Espeland Method™, which provides her clients the key to unlock their authentic selves, as well as improved speaking, communication, presentation, gravitas, presence, and interviewing skills.


The company's second service is Executive Advisory Coaching, perfect for leaders who need a wise advisor who’s been there before to illuminate the path to greater success, whether it be through a career pivot, managing politics, work life balance, or more.


Espeland Enterprises currently offers one-on-one coaching, corporate team coaching, and speaking engagements.

Espeland Enterprises

Melanie Espeland

About Our Founder & CEO
Melanie Espeland

Melanie Espeland is a fashionista turned consultant, turned executive coach, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur.  Through her podcasts, radio appearances, and webinars for the likes of Fairygodboss and Cornell University, she’s been able to support 100’s of leaders discover their authentic voices and executive presence, gain clarity on their path, and overall lead a more successful professional life. 


Melanie is a Member of Forbes Council, and has been featured in outlets such as Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, California Herald, and more.