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What is Executive Voice Coaching?

Executive Voice Coaching creates a sustainable and powerful change in your voice. That alone can enhance your executive presence, improve your overall communication skills and help you quickly reach your career goals. 


Our coaches are trained in the Espeland Method™, an interdisciplinary approach that combines our Founder and CEO’s performative training and voice prowess with Columbia Business School MBA education and experience in the corporate business world.


We harness our unique skill set to help business executives articulate their authentic selves. By incorporating mental, physical, and emotional interdisciplinary tools, our coaches craft your inner dialogue to bring your individual power to the forefront. 

You can literally and figuratively change your voice and the trajectory of your career.

The Espeland Method™ of coaching has four key components:

  • Authenticity 

  • Interdisciplinary Levers (Mental, Physical, and Emotional) 

  • Performative Training meets Corporate Strategy 

  • Fun

We customize our coaching roadmaps for each client’s needs. Specific skills one can acquire include:

  • Controlling the voice to sound stronger, clearer, and carry gravitas over digital media and other public speaking situations.

  • Managing melody inclusive of breathing, pausing, pitch, and speed.

  • Improving overall confidence both inside and outside the boardroom. 

  • Employing storytelling techniques with authentic emotions.

  • Building executive presence. 

  • Crafting effective presentations, both written and spoken. 

  • Practicing for high-stakes interviews, including management consulting casing. 

  • Harnessing the body to play its “instrument” and effectively control communication. 

  • Pacing of speech, whether it is faster or slower.

  • Expelling inflections and idiosyncratic speaking ‘ticks’ such as upspeak. 

  • Reducing accents and dialects, as well as improving overall diction and clarity in American English.

  • Understanding American English colloquialisms, jargon, and slang. 

  • Speaking with the body, including facial expressions and body language. 

  • Building written communication techniques for presentations and decks. 

  • Utilizing improv and acting exercises to strengthen abilities and tap into newfound confidence. 

  • Harnessing custom meditations and affirmations to build confidence and quiet nerves. 

Melanie Espeland

Founder & CEO


  • Therapeutic, inspirational, and personal coaching style 

  • Building confidence and executive presence 

  • Career and leadership coaching 

  • Interview and presentation coaching, both written and verbal 

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Deanna Ott

Executive Voice Coach


  • Building confidence and presence through a physical practice

  • Resonance and articulation work to build full, and clear speech sounds

  • Effective tools for clarity of communicating story and objective with vocal variety

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Liz Krane

Executive Voice Coach


  • Mind and body connection through being a Yoga Practitioner 

  • Melody and musicality of language 

  • Dialect training, in particular Mandarian and Cantonese

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Max Chernin

Executive Voice Coach


  • Improv for business professionals

  • Building motivation and persuasiveness

  • Melody and musicality of language

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Michael Thatcher

Executive Voice Coach


  • Presentation coaching, both written and verbal 

  • Zoom and digital success 

  • Dialect training, achieving an American accent

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Sometimes it's easier to show rather than tell.

People Are Saying.

I highly recommend Melanie as an executive presence coach. I have worked with her for several months and she has been fantastic, helping me navigate Covid-time Zoom presence, presentation skills and video preparation/presence. I also tapped her to to be a webinar monitor for a Home Office webinar that I developed. She was a superstar!

Bob B.

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