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Everyone has a voice. Let’s make yours the powerful one.

What we do:

Espeland Enterprises provides top tier coaching for phenomenal individuals and corporations around the world. We’ve created and defined the world of executive voice coaching. 
Executive voice coaching can also be referred to as voice coaching, speaking coaching, presentation coaching, and executive presence coaching.  Our Espeland Method™ provides our team of voice coaches the key to help business leaders unlock their potential and see results. Our clients see an average 50% increase in executive presence and 40% increase in speaking prowess.
Discover your authentic self through the literal and figurative voice.  We offer 1-on-1 coaching, online courses, corporate training, speaking engagements, and other learning resources.

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Our clients come from the top.

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What’s the right service for you?

For Individuals: 

Customized Premium 1-on-1 Coaching 

  • This is for the person that wants a customized experience working directly with Melanie or one of her extraordinary coaches.   This option gives you the most personalization and guidance, and also requires your time investment.

  • You have the option of Executive Voice Coaching, Strategic Life Coaching, or combining both.

Text-Based Coaching 

  • Our program Speaking Secrets delivers daily exercises directly to your phone so that you can learn automatically.  This is best for someone who has limited time and needs limited guidance.


  • These are best for someone who wants direction but to learn on their own schedule.

  • We have on-demand online options and limited availability for in-person classes.

For Organizations: 

Corporate Training 

  • We offer customized solutions for your team or entire organization - please reach out to us at or schedule a complimentary consultation here.

Speaking Engagements 

  • Our Founder Melanie has spoken at many prestigious institutions and is available to speak at yours.  Various topics and audience customizability are available.  Please reach out to us at or schedule a complimentary consultation here

Schedule your free consultation.

Speak with Espeland Enterprises Founder and CEO Melanie Espeland to learn more about how to literally and figuratively change your voice and excel your career.

Do you speak to clients, colleagues, bosses, patients, prospects, or the public to do your job?

Then your livelihood depends on your voice being powerful, professional, convincing, authentic, and commanding.

But mastery of your voice does not come naturally. It requires identification of the weaknesses, tailored skill development, and high-quality practice.

Our extensively trained and credentialed coaches offer all of that. Of course, there is a cost, but it’s a cost you cannot afford to avoid.

What is the cost of jobs or promotions you didn't get because you didn't seem confident or professional enough?

What is the cost of lost sales and clients because you weren't persuasive or authentic enough?

What is the cost of lost debates with colleagues because you weren't commanding or powerful enough?

Multiply those losses over a lifetime and you can see the value in perfecting your voice.


Let us guide you today.

We build customized programs using tested data-driven tools.

Our clients see an average 50% increase in executive presence and 40% increase in speaking prowess in just over 2 months. 


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